Encourage. Inspire. Empower.

Dance Fitness, High Intensity Interval Training, and Yoga classes:

To ensure we do our part in maintaining public health & safety, we now offer LIVE Virtual fitness classes. This is a great way to keep active and connected to others during this time of physical distancing.


In response to the closing of VA public schools due to COVID-19 we aim to connect with agencies and organizations to provide a "Social Safe Space" for your child's physical, emotional, and mental well-being through our LIVE Virtual classes.

In our one-of-a-kind class your child(ren) will:

✔play games 


✔learn cool dance moves 


✔travel the world through music 



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A High Intensity Interval Training session that focus on strengthening the body, mind and spirit. Helping girls and women recognize their personal strengths: Building confidence, reinforce positive body image, boost self-esteem and self-acceptance, ward off feelings of anxiety and depression.


Wellness through Community Events:


Annual dance fitness fundraisers providing community involvement, raising awareness for various causes impacting our communities: Autism, Breast Cancer, Childhood Obesity and Domestic Violence. Helping communities reach their greatest health potential by improving the contexts of how exercise programs and self-care provide a pathway to recovery. 







Community Health Campaign:


Our first Community Health Initiative focuses on the overall

well-being of kids. The "Keep It Moving" Campaign promotes

the behavioral, emotional, and physical health

of kids during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Servicing under-resourced communities across

Hampton Roads, through cross-city collaboration

to advocate on behalf of area children, our plan is

to distribute fitness equipment and nutritional

items to encourage healthy behaviors that lead

to good and improved health. 

In addition to issuing fitness equipment, the Precise Portions kids portion plates and JuicePlus+, fruit and veggie chewables are the newest addition to our Fit Kits. Both Precise Portions and JuicePlus+ are backed by clinical and scientific research and align perfectly with our mission to help families take control of their health and enhance their quality of life through Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness.

Fit Kit distribution goals: Phase 1: 300 kids. Phase 2: 3,000 kids. Phase 3: 30,000 kids



You are welcome to join us for our 

Women's Wellness Weekend.

In celebration of National Women's Health week (May 9-15th), this two day, in-person event will be filled with a variety of wellness activities focused on the overall well-being of women.

This event is designed to Encourage, Inspire, and Empower women to achieve emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health - doing our part to advocate, raise awareness, and assist women in addressing and taking control of their health.

Learn more about the Women's Wellness Weekend. Limited spots available.

21 WOMEN. 2 days of SELF-CARE. 1 focus: WELLNESS.

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Join us for the Women's Wellness Weekend